I love dropping by the  Castro Nail Salon! My homegirl Heather mans the front desk, greeting you with cold water, a hot cup of tea, chilled wine, or if it’s Sunday – a sparkling mimosa! Sunday may be the day of rest, but bottomless mimosas in all corners of the city sounds better. The nail salon’s cozy cool atmosphere makes it one of my favorite hang outs.  Heather’s great at squeezing in a manicure appointment for me when I need it. The amount of cuticle that was clipped off of my nail beds today is disgusting and inexcusable. Thanks, Susan – you’re a trooper!

Today was amazing. Ever since I saw the Katy Perry for OPI collection’s Black Shatter polish that cracks, I’ve been wanting to try it out. I’m not allowed to paint my nails for work, though, so I’ve never been tempted to actually go through with it – until now. Since I’m off to Coachella for the next 5 days, I couldn’t think of a better occasion than this week off from work to mess with my nails. In case I find myself raging under black lights in the Sahara Tent, Susan combined OPI’s Alpine Snow with the Black Shatter coat to catch that music festival glow.

Let’s talk about BOYS PAINTING THEIR NAILS, today’s hot topic on the View. I got my nails did today. Little Kingston Rossdale and Gwen Stefani love their 2-f0r-1 mani pedi specials, too.  Just look at his fly paint job. “The ladies discuss the backlash over a photo of J. Crew company president painting her son’s toenails pink!” Uh-oh, I see where this is going.

“People are out of their minds over this and I’m not quite sure why,” says Whoopie, who I agree with. What’s the big deal? Before I even knew what gay was, I was eating Crayola crayons and painting my nails with colored markers at 3-years-old.

Babs reminds us that “gender identity and sexual orientation are not choices, nor shaped by their parent’s wishes.” The way we choose to project ourselves through appearance doesn’t always correlate with the entirety of our internal being. Sometimes you just want to wear something a certain way because you’re curious about it. Somedays you just want your nails to look like Skittles on your finger tips or channel your inner the Craft character. This doesn’t mean that your’re a foodie or a wicked witch – you’re just having fun experimenting with your style!

However, Sherri Shepherd doesn’t think it’s appropriate for her son to paint his nails. Her defense? “He’s a boy, he’s 3, he don’t need his toenails and fingernails painted.” Make-up is also out of the question because it’s strictly for mommy. “Yes, Mommy Dearest!”

Ps; I’m hunting for a bottle of flatte black nail polish. I’ve been craving it ever since I saw Karen O. rocking it for Knock Out. I wonder if Sherri will approve?

Pps; Updates have been a little slow lately because I’m inundated with homework and personal obligations. I’m checking out of reality until next week on the 19th, so until then, please bare with me and expect a bunch of digital goodies soon!

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